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new light colored 3INVERSIONS 3 PART SERIES: Build Your Focus, Cultivate Core Strength, and Flip Your Perspective! 

Physically, inversions are good medicine for your heart, they stimulate the lymph system (your immune system) taking pressure off the heart, and bring a sense of focus to your being. You’ll create a greater sense of balance, increased energy, and boost your confidence! Come play in one, or all these inversion workshops!

Workshop 3-
FLY: Combine Your Skills

You’ve prepped and primed, you know the alignment, you’re now ready to take flight! In this workshop you will build energy, heat, and focus while you take flight in Headstand, Pincha (Forearm stand), Handstand. You will find your confidence going upside down, and feel strong and mighty. You will leave feeling calm and restored, ending with legs up the wall (vipariti karani) and shoulder stand. **bring socks for this workshop**

Facilitated by Lena Dolter. $29 pre pay / $35 at door. Minimum 5 preregistered by August 1st to avoid cancellation.

August 4th 2:30-4:30pm SIGN UP HERE  Event Canceled


Qoya is a movement practice based on the idea that as women, our essence is Wise, Wild, and Free. We reconnect with and remember that essence through a mix of sensual movement practices, yoga, dance, and community building/sharing. You know you’re doing it “right” if it feels good and true in your body. No previous dance or fitness experience is necessary.
If you can dance in your kitchen or in your car, you can do Qoya. If you’re already in love with Qoya, if you’ve heard of it and have been curious, or if this is your first time learning about the practice, this class will be a welcoming space. Bring yourself, your yoga mat, and some water to sip on. Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in. To sample some Qoya practices, go to and check out the free videos.

Tickets are $20

August 11th 7:00-8:30pm SIGN UP HERE


As the carefree feeling of summer begins to move into the industriousness of fall, learn how to take peace with you wherever you go. This session includes peace inducing Qigong that you can do anywhere and includes habits you can build to include peace in your life. Facilitated by Valerie Rippey.

Tickets are $30 pre pay / $35 at door

August 11th 7:00-8:30pm SIGN UP HERE





Have you always wanted to try out Tai Chi? Here is your chance to explore! Whatever your knowledge – come as you are. If you participate in all 3 sessions, you will learn the first section of the Yang Style form. You are also welcome to just dip your toe in. If there is enough interest, I will extend Tai Chi sessions throughout the year.
“It rests as a mountain; it flows like the current of a river.” – Chinese Tai Chi Principle
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise form and martial art, designed to integrate the mind, body and spirit. It is sometimes referred to as meditation in movement.
Tai Chi consists of a series of movements that are linked together in a “form”. The form is practiced in coordination with deep and even breathing, providing a sense of well-being.
There are studies linking Tai Chi many health benefits*. As the body becomes more integrated, over time and with consistent practice, people generally notice an improved ability to face life with ease and grace, as well.
* improved balance, memory improvements, lowering of blood pressure, freer joint movement,
improvements in the immune system, slows the movement through stages of Parkinson’s and many more! Facilitated by Valerie Rippey.

Tickets are $30 pre pay / $35 at door

August 25th 2:30-4:30pm SIGN UP HERE

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