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We are surrounded with situations that can bring us to a state of worry. In the Qigong five organ, five element system, the negative emotions of the Spleen are worry and anxiety. Conversely, the positive emotions are fairness and openness. In this workshop, we will learn Qigong principles and movements that can help us balance the Spleen energy to face the world with openness. Facilitated by Valerie Rippey

Tickets are $30 pre pay / $35 at door

March 31st 1:30-3:30pm SIGN UP HERE


This workshop will focus on one of the classic inversions: Headstand (Sirsasana).  In headstand, the student achieves what is called the active reversal effect, whereby turning the body upside down we reverse the effects of gravity, tonifying the vital organs, stimulating the endocrine glands, and promoting the balanced and efficient functioning of our entire physiology.  Another benefit of inversions like headstand is the strengthening of the musculature of the torso, improving the functional integration of the spinal curves and deepening respiratory rhythms.

Those new to inversions will learn safe alignment techniques and preparatory exercises for headstand.  Intermediate students will fine-tune the foundations of their headstand practice, as well as be given variations to explore.  The workshop will begin with discussion of headstand benefits, contraindications, and fundamentals of headstand alignment. This will be followed by a preparatory yoga sequence to help prepare the body to get into, hold, and exit headstand safely and effectively.  This sequence will include specific focus on strengthening the muscles around the head and neck.  Modifications and variations of headstand will be offered individually.  We will end the workshop with final yoga poses and a guided relaxation. Facilitated by Taj Work. Preregistration highly recommended.

Tickets are $30

April 7th 1:30-3:30pm SIGN UP HERE

ballroom dance, yoga, anatomy, energyANATOMY OF LOVE

What do Ballroom and Latin Dance, Yoga, Anatomy and Energy have in common? EVERYTHING. The way you dance through your life is inescapably linked to the relationship you have with your own magnificent body. Anatomy of Love is a workshop designed to supercharge the essentials of ballroom dance with yoga, knowledge of anatomy and energy. This awareness will nourish and strengthen not only your movement practice but your life practice of embodied love and well being. Whether you’re new to dance or have been dancing for a lifetime, this workshop is designed to completely enliven and elevate your dancing to the next level. Join ballroom/latin dancer, embodiment professional and Reiki Master Emily Wehrman and yoga and ELDOA method teacher Pam Scholl for a two hour immersion in the anatomy of love.

A partner is required and all experience levels welcome in dance, yoga and other movement modalities. $80 per couple.

April 7th 6:30-8:30pm SIGN UP HERE

shamanic drum dance


Dancing is one of the greatest prayers to self, the universe, and the Divine. Come let the portals open the window of sound healing to guide your body and soul. Flow into cosmic connection with the deepest part of your self, the inner child of happiness, fun, joy, and the flow of spirit. This 6 song series workshop is sure to transform lives. It builds on channeled music, sound, and dancing most of all. The music enables audiences to let go of life’s stressors through the opening of worlds allowing a full body sensory multidimensional flow of soul electrified by reiki and most of all shamanic infused sound healing and energy. No need to lay out or stand against the wall in this workshop, the music induces pure soul-filled dance. Music by the percussion band Amalghemy. Click the link below to hear a preview  Facilitated by Sowande Mustakeem of Amalghemy. Come let your soul free flow!

$15-$20 Sliding Scale Ticketing.



Tapping into the inter-dimensional realities of vibrational healing and cosmic connection, this meditation session offers a bridge of consciousness and meditation as drums open the portals between worlds. Each session integrates shamanic drumming, polyrhythms and vocals channeled through spirit for what participants need on the cellular and soul level. Bring a yoga mat, soft pillow or blanket. The meditation will last around 45 minutes.

$15-$20 Sliding Scale Ticketing


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