July Teacher Feature: JennTara

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JennTara Yoga - Favorites-58

July Teacher Feature: JennTara

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JennTara Yoga - Favorites-58How Did You Get Introduced to Yoga?

I was living in a community house in Tower Grove neighborhood where my friend, Jori Martinez, introduced me to yoga. She invited her friend, Lyn Magee, to come to our house to teach us yoga. Lyn lived across the park at that time and she would walk over to our house and give us private yoga classes in the morning right in our living room! Now I’ve been practicing for twenty years!

What floats your boat about yoga?

Many things float my boat about yoga. What I first loved about yoga was that I finally found a place that felt like home and congruent with my personality. I am an introvert and I was in heaven that I could be in a class that encouraged quiet and turning inside. This is an introverts dream come true (savasana, really???!) I enjoy the self-inquiry and the mindfulness that yoga invites. I am amazed how yoga has helped me to be strong and soft at the same time. Yoga has taught me about the biomechanics of my body and if I am in pain, I can often get myself out of the pain which is empowering.  I enjoy teaching students and clients about their bodies and giving them a map to empower self care and healing.  I also love how yoga recognizes the oneness from which we all come and that we are all interconnected.  I am grateful for the community of people who I have met through yoga and all the amazing teachers who continue to pass on this tradition.

How did you get started doing massage?

I started doing massage shortly after I started doing yoga and receiving a lot of healing myself. I was so inspired by all the healing I was receiving that I wanted to offer it back. Turns out it is a perfect match for me.

What do you love most about doing massage?

I love how massage is a meditation and a practice of giving and receiving. It is such a gift to help people get in touch with their bodies and release layers of tension. I really like building relationships with clients over time, getting to know them and their bodies and watching the transformation unfold.Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.12.58 AM

Join JennTara for her weekly classes!

Open Levels – Form & Flow. FRIDAYS 9:30-10:45am

Yoga Basics. SATURDAYS 9:00-10:15am

Contact her at jenntara@yahoo.com or www.jenntara.com to schedule a Private Yoga Session or Massage!

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