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Keri Allison found her personal yoga practice in 2007 after seeking a change from her high intensity, high impact workouts and busy lifestyle. Recently, she decided to take the plunge from Corporate America to full time yogi and devote all of her time to studying, practicing and teaching yoga. She is a registered 200-hour RYT who views yoga as a journey and puts a great amount of emphasis on the mind, body and breath connection. She believes that the yoga practice should help one find a more authentic place internally, while cultivating strength in the body to calm the mind. Through work with the breath, the movement of the body, and calmness of the mind, Keri communicates that one can find healing and inner strength. Keri’s classes are challenging, heartfelt, fun and allow for greater physical and spiritual development. In her class you will stretch, strengthen, breathe, explore, let-go and find happiness within.

Julie Bergfeld knows that yoga can touch the most untouchable and inflexible lives. Bergfeld is a persistent marathon runner and regularly wins races at the Master's (over 40) level. She is also Missouri's first Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, having completed levels one, two and three of Training with Baron Baptiste. To keep supple for the rigors of marathon training, Bergfeld also enjoys a Yin Yoga practice, which is slowly unwinding her hips and hamstrings. Bergfeld completed the YogaSource Teacher Training in 2008 and has been practicing yoga since 2000.

Tarraugh Flaherty has practiced yoga since 1989 and massage therapy since 1991. Her classes are inspired by the Anusara, Ashtanga, Sivananda lineages as well as Kundalini and Yin traditions. Tarraugh's teaching creates a strong foundation for the practice of Hatha Yoga, focusing on synchronization of breath and movement and she creates a safe and encouraging environment. Her latest explorations include Certification in Thai Yoga Therapy in 2003 and Heart Sound Seminars, The Physics of Sound and Healing. She holds a degree in Sociology and Certification in International Studies from Webster University. Tarraugh enjoys meditation, reading about quantum physics and health. She offers gratitude to the teachings and to those who support expansion of consciousness and compassion for the entire planet.

Jan Esterly Herzog has been teaching yoga since 1997 and continues to study with the founder of Anusara Yoga, John Friend as well as other highly recognized teachers. Her classes are both uplifting and therapeutic. One of her goals as a yoga teacher is to see and help expand the potential in her students for optimal health and energy. She enthusiastically and effectively shares safe biomechanical alignment and yoga philosophy inspired by her own yoga practice, her life experiences and by her teachers. She has extensive background in anatomy and therapeutics. She has helped students heal chronic pain as well as to find increased energy and ease in their lives. She also has led many yoga retreats. Jan met her husband in yoga class five years ago, and they are now enjoying their daughter, Sarah. Jan has earned the qualification of Affiliate Anusara Yoga Teacher and has been a practicing massage therapist for 15 years.

Kelly Hogan, Kelly Hogan is delighted to share her yoga practice with the YogaSource community. Kelly studied with international Ashtanga yoga teacher and scholar, Kino MacGregor, to earn her RYT200. She holds a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from UNC-Chapel Hill and is also a Registered Nurse. In her personal practice, she unrolls her yoga mat 6 days a week, and finds the practice both invigorating and grounding.

Kelly makes yoga accessible to every person, regardless of age or abilities, to bring each practitioner into optimal wellness. Her classes are based on the principles of the Ashtanga yoga tradition, and she offers individualized attention and adjustments. Kelly’s wish for you is to experience the benefits of yoga – reduced chronic pain, reduced tension, improved mental clarity, and an overall sense of vitality. Expect to come out of her class feeling stronger, more flexible, and vibrant! Visit Kelly at or on Facebook.

Lucy Holmes, E-RYT 500, is a licensed, certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and an Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training. Lucy began practicing yoga in 1988 with the Bikram series. She continued to explore various traditions over the years (Kripalu, Iyengar, Astanga, Anusara), finally ending up with the Dynamic method she currently teaches. She brings her knowledge and expertise as a teacher and therapist to her classes, offering a functional, dynamic, and experiential approach that offers inquiry into, empowerment and understanding of Self. For more information go to

Sat Inder, E-RYT, began studying yoga at the Solar Yoga Center in 1999 but in 2000 discovered Ashtanga Yoga and quickly realized this practice was his calling. Studying it exclusively until 2008 when he began an in depth study of Anusara yoga with Desiree Rumbaugh to better understand the biomechanics of the body. Also in that same year began a study of Kundalini Yoga, which he became certified in 2011. In late 2011 he came back to his practice of Ashtanga Yoga which is his current area of study again, coming full circle. He just recently made his first of many trips to Mysore, South India to study Ashtanga at its source with R. Sharath Jois, the grandson of K. Pattabhi Jois who is now the head of the lineage. And whom Sat Inder studied with to begin his practice of Ashtanga.  

Jayme Johns, Jayme began her yoga practice in 2010 and fell in love during her first class. Growing up a dancer, she was immediately drawn to the slow dance of body with breath and completed the 2011 Yoga Source Teacher Training and received a Yin yoga certification from Urban Breath in 2012. Jayme's classes are a slow-flow vinyasa with strong emphasis on alignment and breath, beginning with pranayama and/or meditation and often including a Yin pose or two. Her classes offer a nurturing, safe space to both play with your edge while honoring your limitations and to deeply relax. Jayme is constantly continuing her study of yoga and anatomy and eventually plans to pursue her 500-hour certification. She is profoundly grateful to the teachers (and students!) she's encountered, as well as for the amazingly therapeutic benefits of the practice for both body and soul. Jayme also enjoys reading, quality time with her beagle, meditation, time with close friends, and exploring this beautiful city.

Jen Jones completed the YogaSource Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training program in 2007 and Earned her 500-hour teacher training in 2012 with Asheville Yoga in North Carolina. Jen loves to integrate both the Yin and Yang aspects into her classes, drawing inspiration from instructors such as Bryan Kest, Baron Baptiste, Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. Jen has experienced a variety of benefits in her life as a result of her personal yoga practice, and through teaching she hopes to help her students discover the many joys of yoga in their own lives. She encourages students to challenge themselves and also honor and respect their own bodies during their yoga practice. She also encourages students to discover ways to integrate the philosophy of yoga into their everyday lives.

Alba Luz, Alba is a 300 hour certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor serving the St. Louis community. Drawing from the ancient teachings of yoga, her classes are rigorous, unpretentious + devotional as she encourages students to honor themselves and reach their greatest potential. Yoga has awoken Alba to the silent teacher present in all aspects of our lives + she is humbled by the gift of awareness that continues to reveal itself through asana practice + sadhana.

Jeff Miller, has a unique way of seeing and relating the human experience on a yoga mat. Jeff got his MFA in Sculpture in 1997 from Pratt Institute, NYC. He has studied Dance on scholarship at Washington University, and studied Acting at the world renowned Michael Howard Studios, NYC.

Jeff is known for teaching upbeat, challenging, supportive, humorous, informative, and transformative classes. Sometimes flowing and at other times working with the expression of a single pose throughout cycles of breath. The class structure strives to mirror the needs of students in the moment, in turn allowing the student to unfold and "To be" in a transformative and creative state. The transition from doing to being is assisted with focus on form and what is, and then flowing from there into the next best version of the highest vision you hold for yourself

Layne Neville, Layne was an avid runner who first approached yoga as one small part of her cross training preparation for half marathons. As she discovered the multifaceted benefits of yoga, it became a larger and larger portion of her training until it finally became her single athletic pursuit. Having a background as a school psychologist, Layne found that her natural approach as a yoga teacher was to customize yoga for each student. This led her to become a yoga therapist. Layne is certified as a yoga instructor at the 200-hour level and as a yoga therapist at the 500-hour level.

Layne’s personal yoga practice includes Anusara, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Power Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and daily meditation. She teaches eclectically, drawing inspiration from all of her practice. Layne places strong emphasis on proper alignment to maximize safety and efficacy of practice.

As well as teaching group yoga classes in a studio setting, Layne provides in-home or at-work personal instruction and consultation to private clientele to meet specialized needs and facilitate accomplishment of personal goals. Although her specialty is working with athletes desiring improved performance or recovery from injury, her clients range widely, from those addressing chronic issues such as scoliosis, menopause symptoms, or osteoporosis to those addressing more acute needs such as recovery from surgery.

Michael Palumbo, Michael discovered yoga during a 2010 summer vacation to Estes Park, Colorado, when a close friend and recent teacher training graduate asked him if he would be interested in a private lesson. Never one to turn down an opportunity for a new form of physical activity, Michael accepted the offer and has never looked back, completing his 200-hour certification in October 2013. Initially drawn to the physical benefits of asana, he now treats his practice as a moving meditation and believes that yoga aligns the inner dialogue between the mind, body, and spirit.

Terry Sobon Knowing that yoga connects us with our inner happiness, Terry encourages smiles, fun and a sense of humor in her classes. Usually a funky playlist is in order to accompany the playful energy. Although initially attracted to power vinyasa yoga because of her athletic background - including martial arts, along her journey she's discovered that she has been amazed at the awareness and stillness other aspects of yoga have brought into her life. Terry discovered yoga about 10 years ago and was greatly influenced by Baron Baptiste. Having since become an RYT 200, she is honored to now be in ongoing traing with Baron and anticipates receiving her Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga certification in 2013.

Kathy Vanderselt, E-RYT, CPT, took her first yoga class in 1995 and began a gradual shift from professional fitness training (1987 Singapore National Aerobic Champion) toward the inner focus and precision of yoga, completing the YogaSource teacher training program (250 hours) in 2006 and the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor training (200 hours) in 2012. Since 2006, she has accumulated close to 4,000 hours of teaching and led many yoga workshops (power vinyasa beginner’s series) and two retreats. Her more than 20 years in the fitness industry have allowed her to work with a variety of people, everyone from “pre-school,” yoga kids to an older, active adult population. Kathy graduated summa cum laude from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She is also a certified personal trainer.

Kathy’s creative and upbeat approach to the practice is informed by her passion for an energetic, flowing style of yoga with an emphasis on core strength. She believes that everyone, at any age or level of fitness, can find their place in the yoga room and her experience and enthusiasm ensures that her classes are open and accessible to all. Kathy says, “It’s a privilege to introduce any student to yoga.””

Becky Vollmer, RYT since 2007, believes yoga is much more than a series of postures… it’s a frame of mind to be lived on and off the mat. Becky encourages students to explore boundaries and find a balance of both physical and inner strength, as well as flexibility and alignment. Becky works with students at all points along the journey, from those new to yoga to experienced practitioners seeking new challenges. Her classes are typically sweaty, interactive and informal, with lots of hands-on adjustment along the way. Her goal is for students to leave class feeling happy, energized, inspired – and, most of all, ready to do it all over again!

JennTara Ward JennTara’s classes are fun and challenging in a safe and systematic way. Her gentle spirit supports and nurtures students of all levels and helps them feel a sense of self-acceptance. She is attentive and her clear & creative instructions help students progress in their practice and get into poses that may normally be difficult to them. She has a deep understanding of the body and alignment and students enjoy the pace and flow of her classes. Her theme based classes offer time to unplug from the day, play, and deeply relax. JennTara has been teaching yoga since 2003 and has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998. Her formal yoga studies are in the tradition of Anusara Yoga and she has studied many hours with John Friend and other senior teachers of the Anusara Tradition. She enjoys spending time with her husband and her son, and loves being outdoors in nature. Therapeutic massage and private yoga: $70/hour. Available for massage or private yoga on Fridays at 11:00 or Saturdays @ 2:45 (I am working limited hours because I am choosing to stay home with my 21 month old son most of the time) Call 314-497-8452 to schedule an appointment

Michael Webb Michael began his study of yoga in 1992 and soon after was fortunate to be trained by Tias Little. He is a Polarity Therapy Therapist as well as a Massage Therapist and teaches Prajna Yoga which is blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga combined with wisdom teachings from yogic traditions. He brings authenticity, compassion and a knowledgeable presence and expertise to his classes!

Kim Winn Kim was introduced to yoga in 2005. After several months of practice and with the encouragement of her teachers, she started her teacher training with Mitchel Bleier, studying with him again the following year.

With Kim you can expect a powerful and challenging vinyasa flow class with a great music playlist to keep you motivated. She’s great with hands on adjustments to help you get deeper in your postures. “Kim has a great knack for encouraging and safely pushing you to your edge all with a sweet tone of voice while simultaneously kicking your asana.”

Chris Yonker began practicing yoga in the early 70s and began teaching yoga in 1993. Over the years she has received teacher certifications from White Lotus Foundation, Integrative Yoga Therapy and Santa Barbara Yoga Center in addition to studying with master teachers in the Ashtanga, Iyengar, Viniyoga and vinyasa styles of yoga. She currently studies and practices Mindfulness and Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers and draws inspiration for her classes from these studies as well as her deep appreciation for Vinyasa flow yoga taught in an accessible and straightforward manner. Chris has an extensive background in dance, athletics and massage therapy. She was one of the founders of Big Bend Center in St. Louis and in 2003 opened YogaSource to further promote yoga in the St. Louis area. She believes that yoga can (and should) be accessible and fun. Chris earned her 500-hour certification from Kripalu in 2012.

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