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Class Descriptions

Classes are ongoing unless otherwise stated. We recommend that you not eat 2-3 hours prior to class time.

Before you begin any form of yoga, please tell your teacher if you have any medical conditions, especially high blood pressure, detached retina, glaucoma, recent surgery, disc problems, injury and pregnancy. Please follow any directions your teacher gives regarding modifications. Listen to your body and if you have pain, let the teacher know. Lastly, please get your doctor’s approval for serious medical conditions, a recent injury or surgery before participating in class. .

Power Vinyasa classes are taught at 85 degrees to help with flexibility and facilitate detoxification. These classes are not recommended for pregnant women or those with uncontrolled high blood pressure.

ALIGN AND FLOW An open-levels, intentional vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on alignment. Taught at room temperature.

ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA: the original yoga incorporating vinyasa as a major component of its practice, is a dynamic system of yoga which uses what is known as tristhana; breath, bandha and drishti, to keep the mind focused as you move through the already set sequence of asanas. This special type of yoga is split up into 6 series of postures; primary, second and then 4 advanced sequences. This class will be mainly focusing on the primary series, also known as Yoga Chikitsa, or yoga therapy, meant to align the body physically and build a great heat or agni, which detoxifies the organs, muscles and blood. Its a powerful experience!

YOGA BASICS: An introduction to Hatha yoga principles of breath, posture, and philosophy. Safety and effectiveness of alignment will be emphasized; introduction to vinyasa may be included. Offered in four to eight week sequential series. NOTE: those students who have completed a previous series may continue to attend these classes on a drop-in basis. This class is offered periodically in a variety of days and times.

FELDENKRAIS AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT(R): This is a gentle movement class. These are movement combinations that are designed to stimulate your brain and to help you learn how to move more fluidly, easily, efficiently, and comfortably.
Each of us, as adult humans feel mastery in many of our movements and functions. For instance, walking, standing up, rolling over, sitting at a computer, cooking, or reading. This list can include functions of playing music, dancing, running, and cycling as well as many others. However, how many times have we worked ourselves into a situation where at least one of these things or something not listed here has become a little or even significantly difficult for one or another reasons including pain.

GENTLE YOGA: New to yoga? Accommodating an injury or limitation? Desiring a grounding practice with emphasis on breath? Gentle Yoga Therapeutics is for you! Using breath and gentle movement, this class explores and opens the body increasing flexibility, range of motion, body awareness, and breath capacity.

HAPPY HOUR YOGA: a mixed level class to unwind from the day and prepare for the evening.

INNER LIGHT YOGA: Deaf-Centered Yoga. Class is led in spoken English, and interpreted for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Everyone welcome.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED Intermediate/Advanced is your chance to explore some of the more complex asanas, such as arm balances, inversions, and deeper backbends. We will workshop the more advanced poses. The emphasis of the class will always be movement following breath. Expect to come out of class stronger, more flexible, and glowing with a bit of beauty sweat!

KUNDALINI YOGA (FAMILY FRIENDLY): is a class taught in the style of kunadalini, a form of yoga that encourages a sense of community and expansion. Every class has a specific set of postures, breathing exercises, and meditations to address the theme of the class. All are welcome in class, whether you are young or young at heart, consider yourself well or on the journey to wellness! Babies are welcome to be worn, or recline, or play along with toddlers and children. Pregnant women are encouraged to come, as a prenatal safe variation to the sequence will be offered to any pregnant women.

OPEN LEVELS: For those with previous yoga experience, principles of alignment are combined with breath and relaxation techniques to increase strength, flexibility and awareness. Each student's abilities as well as challenges will be deeply honored, with variations offered to support the different ability levels. Recommended for students with a minimum of six months experience with yoga basics.

POWER CORE HOUR: This hour long class (taught at 85 degrees) is a dynamic class which consists of 30 minutes of nonstop movement (vinyasa) and includes 15 minutes of focused core work.

POWER VINYASA: A vigorous athletic flow, this dynamic practice is strengthening, detoxifying and deeply re-energizing to all systems of the body.   This class has its basics in Ashtanga vinyasa and allows for a joyful free expression along with accessible postures for those who are less flexible.  It is a powerful practice for anyone wishing to challenge the body and free the mind! Classes are taught in a studio heated to approximately 85 degrees.

POWER YOGA BASICS: Power Yoga is appropriate for all ages and all levels, but this unheated class is especially for those wanting a good foundation in understanding proper alignment in postures, breath and flow. The emphasis in this class is on the Baptiste Power Yoga "Journey into Power" sequence. Also great for the experienced practitioner wanting to slow down their practice and revisit their foundation.

PILATES FOR YOGA: Pilates for Yoga will emphasize exercises and techniques from the Pilates mat repertoire that support a healthy yoga practice. Pilates is a mind body practice that fosters improved postural alignment, freedom of movement, motor respiratory coordination and psychological well-being. The mat work focuses on core stabilization and spinal articulation; practice increases strength and flexibility and works towards correcting asymmetries to bring the body into balance.

Sivananda (Therapeutic) Yoga A class based off of a traditional method, within a therapeutic context. This is an all inclusive class, open to advanced students and beginners.
A focus on the five main points of Sivananda:
- pranayama (breathing exercises)
- diet (vegetarian)
- Vedanta (scripture/spiritual readings)
- exercise (poses/asana)
- meditation and positive thinking

STRETCH AND RESTORE: A sixty minute class in a heated (~90 degrees) room, designed to stretch, destress and energize with a calm vigor. Postures will target specific areas including the hamstrings and quads, hips, shoulders and chest. Postures will be held for several minutes each, to encourage relaxation and access to deeper tissue. All levels, great start to the week for the "athlete-yogi" in us all!

VINYASA: Based on Ashtanga Yoga, a vigorous flow class combining breath and movement to cleanse and recharge the body and focus the mind in a moving meditation. Ideal for those who enjoy a challenge and wish to gain strength and flexibility.

YIN/VINYASA: Combination class - the first half of the class is a yin practice taken from the Taoist tradition consisting of passive poses held for a time to balance the subtle energy body and create mindfulness. It is followed by an hour of soft vinyasa flow to balance yin and yang energies.

YOGA AS MEDICINE: Yoga as Medicine explores the many ways yoga can heal and rehabilitate.

Sticky mats are required for ALL classes. Mats are available for a $1.00 rental fee.

If you are coming to power vinyasa, be prepared to sweat by bringing a bath towel, mat and your own water bottle. A towel is mandatory for power vinyasa classes. Bring your own towel, or borrow one for $1. YogaSource does not sell bottled water but you will want to hydrate during class.


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Five (5) Classes Student with valid ID
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One (1) Month Unlimited
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