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May Teacher Feature: Jacob Budde

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bf84a7d9-621c-408f-b56f-9aa28e47cb3fHow did you get introduced to yoga?

I’ve always been double (ma & pa used to say triple) jointed, but from an early age, I would intentionally put my body in odd contortions and hold them. Once I got to high school, I was very much in love with wrestling. As you may already know, most of those positions you find yourself in are very yogic, day to day practicing and drills began to build the muscle memory I actually use in my yoga practices/teachings every today. Later in life when I got into a regular practice later I found myself embarrassed by what I looked like; too self-conscious to get any benefit from any of the poses; a preconceived notion of how a thing should look to the outside world (and to our ego mind) prevents us from fully investing in ourselves, a common problem for people with a new practice. Those who’ve come to my class before have heard me say “evolution rarely (if ever) comes from the comfort zone”. Once a friend helped me break free of this self-consciousness, I laid my fears to rest and showed up on my mat and began to practice in all earnestness. After a month of coming once a week, I quickly became ‘addicted’ and began attending class every night. Even within my practice now I continue to challenge myself to break free of the comfort zone.

What floats your boat about yoga? 

I could list a number of reasons: bringing mobility to people, providing a clear ‘mirror’ for people to be able to ‘see’ themselves, and these are all great things; important things, but I think we could distill it all down to one sentence – I enjoy making people feel good; yoga is the perfect vehicle to deliver this to my fellow humans.  There is always something new to learn, about yoga, about physiology, about the body, the breath…about myself. The power of unrolling my mat and moving around is supremely valuable. Words fail me; but I’m a different man, a better man because of Yoga. So that, I suppose, in a nutshell, is my favorite thing about Yoga, that I’m a better version of myself because of what I’ve allowed Yoga to change in me.

Crow Pose - Jacob BuddeWhat’s your favorite yoga pose?

Uh, all of them?!  😀  Seriously though, I do enjoy dang near every pose there is. Can’t always contort my body into them all, but I love every dang one of them.  I love discovering new poses. I love revisiting old familiars! If you’re wanting one for an example (video reference); Bakasana (crow) is still an old favorite…I still remember the joy/elation of pressing up into crow for the first time and actually holding it for five steady even breaths.  Amazing!  Since then, I’ve begun adding on advancements, eventually pressing up into handstand from crow – exhilarating!  But I still absolutely love, simple straight-forward crow pose.

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