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Teacher Training Liam Springer

Liam Springer joins Yoga Teacher Training Faculty!

Yoga Source welcomes advanced anatomy and ELDOA teacher Liam Springer to the faculty of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program that runs from March through October. Deadline for registration is March 24th and limited spots are still available. Register now and take this life changing step to deepen your practice!Liam Springer

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EM Yoga Flyer

Energy Medicine Yoga

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Marci AndrewsYoga Source is thrilled to welcome Marci Andrews who will be teaching Energy Medicine Yoga Wednesdays from 12-1pm.

EM Yoga is a weaving of two powerful disciplines, energy medicine and yoga asana. Weaving together these two modalities reveals something deeper about both of the individual practices.

EM Yoga incorporates multiple energy systems and healing practices, including the chakra system, the meridians from traditional Chinese medicine & Reiki all pieced into a traditional yoga practice

The immediate benefits can include more clarity, more energy, more calm and stability, improved immunity and more. Join us!

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Seeking Massage Therapists & Body/Energy Workers

Massage Rooms Available for Rent
We have two quiet beautiful massage rooms available for rent. Great opportunity for clientele here with the large base of yoga students coming in and out. For more information please call 314-645-9642 or email Many thanks!

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